Chapter 25 You Are Not Professional

Source: Chapter 25 You Are Not Professional


Chapter 1 The dark beginings

The night was dark in the mountains but in a certain cliff can be seen a youth who seems to be around 16-17 with a height of 1″6 and long hair that reaches to his waist. With his eyes closed except his hair that’s usually moved gently by the wind. But suddently he opens his eyes and anyone who would look into them would see the bottomless knowledge and a hint of blood lust in his eyes as if universe’s knowledge is hidden behind them and an aura so terrifying that could kill an ordinary man on sight. That is because this person is no ordinary man he is known as the reincarnation of god of war because since birth he has been gifted with unnatural strenth that defied the heavens and any weapon old or new in his hands could destroy armies and the downfall of empires this youth name is Neto Asura the one hated and despised for bringing an end to the Age of the Gods.